The farm

The farm is sited in Pianalti della Setteponti, along the ancient way between Fiesole and Arezzo, through the lands of the right side of Upper Valdarno. Setteponti Way is a  historic road, where there are valuable national azienda2monuments of Romanic and Renaissance periods. In Upper azienda3Valdarno, on the slopes of the Pratomagno mount,  the landscape and history have strong and well-defined characteristics.

Here, in 2001, the farm was born. From the beginning, we committed ourselves completely and with our love for this land, to a vine-growing project,  based on autochthon plants, together with production of extra vergine olive oil and other products, typical of this land, as zolfini beans and tarese; the fruits and vegetables are transformed in respect of ancient traditions but with innovation in taste, for getting unique flavours. Once  a week, on request, the owners will propose to you the seasonal and typical products.